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Trimax and Trebro Triumph at Turf Show  for sale

Trimax and Trebro Triumph at Turf Show

Trimax Mowing Systems were pleased to be able to launch the Trimax X-WAM. Feedback for the X-WAM was extremely encouraging as turf growers expressed their enthusiasm for the innovative design that increases productivity at such an impressive scale.

The demonstration of the X-WAM, with its extended cutting width of 10.4 meters (34 feet), show cased the mowers increased efficiency and proved that despite its size, the X-WAM has maintained the maneuverability that is associated with all Trimax mowers. In the current economic climate there is need for cost effective systems and the X-WAM caters for this. Growers expressed that this is fast becoming a key priority within the industry, and therefore the purchase of the X-Wam is a very attractive option. Several expressions of interest in the X-Wam have already been voiced and Paul Stewart, UK Sales Manager, is anticipating that demand for the mower will continue as customers become more aware of the efficiency benefits that can be achieved. Trimax Mowing Systems are looking forward to continuing their discussions with Turf industry experts and hearing further feedback about the X-WAM or any other mowers in their range.

The Trebro SC2010 demonstrations were very successful, stacking 23” wide rolls.The machine featured a roll squeeze option that compacted the rolls to keep them within the dimensions of a 4’ x 4’ pallet in order to allow two pallets to be loaded inside a lorry side by side. Trebro had great comments from the delegates attending the show. They were impressed at how smooth the SC 2010 performed and the neat tight pallets of turf it produced.

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