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Manitou Manitransit  for sale

Manitou Manitransit

Manitou’s Manitransit Series of truck mounted forklifts have revolutionized on-site offloading. With the innovative, industry-exclusive telescopic boom design, the TMT Series provides greater freedom of movement, reducing the overall costs associated with on-site handling.
With the long boom option the unit has access to all loads from the same side of the trailer, greatly reducing delivery time on crowded residential streets.  The boom thus eliminates complicated mechanical/hydraulic systems and/or the moving masts required on competitive units.
The TMT 55 4-Way model integrates all of the above features plus offers unique 4-way steering capability. The wheels hydraulically pivot 90 degrees allowing for side-to-side movement. This enables operators to unload long loads in confined areas.
These forklifts provide unparalleled durability and simplicity of design, minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime.


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