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BARENBRUG'S 12 FOR 2012! for sale


Specialist grass seed breeder Barenbrug is kicking off the new year in spectacular style, having seen a dozen Barenbrug-bred cultivars top the listings in this year’s Turfgrass Seed guide!

Full details of the company’s ‘12 in 2012’ are also featured in Barenbrug’s brand new BAR Range 2012 sports and amenity grass seed catalogue – out now. Chock-full of expert advice designed to help turf professionals get the best out of their overseeding endeavours, the catalogue also contains details of new and improved mixtures, such as BAR 7 RPR and the new ‘Green by Design’ range.

Let’s start with the cultivars… Leading the 12 top spots in the annual Turfgrass Seed guide is upcoming new cultivar Barorlando – an extremely hard-wearing sports perennial ryegrass – which enjoys top-ranking on table S1. And new Chewings fescue Barlineus tops table G2, taking shoot density and tolerance to closer mowing to a new dimension for the species.

These recent introductions complement Barenbrug’s proven cultivars topping the tables. These include Barxera tufted hairgrass (S4); Barsignum perennial ryegrass (L1); Barcrown slender creeping red fescue (L4); Barking browntop bent (L7); Barcesar tall fescue (L8); Barcampsia tufted hairgrass (L9); Viktorka slender creeping red fescue (G3); and Bargold perennial ryegrass (G4).

And in a ‘league of their own’ are fine-leaved sheep’s fescue Barok on table L6 and crested hairgrass Barkoel on table M.

Commenting on this achievement, Barenbrug’s research and development manager Jayne Leyland says: “This is a fantastic result for our applied research and development programme and, in particular, testament to our global network of plant breeders. Their past, present and future breakthroughs – together with our cultivar and mixture synergy trials at Cropvale as well as our in-field trials the length and breadth of the UK – make up the top-performing mixtures starring in the BAR Range 2012, Which we’re pleased to unveil in our brand new catalogue, of course!”

But Jayne is equally excited to launch innovative new mixture BAR 7 RPR in the catalogue. As she continues: “Successfully field-tested at sites such as Manchester City and Dunfermline Athletic football clubs, BAR 7 RPR – or Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass combines the proven benefits of BAR 7 sports perennial ryegrass mixture with the unique creeping growth habit of new cultivar Barclay II.

“Key to RPR’s success is Barclay II’s unique elongated tillers. These are the growth shoots that emerge from nodes at the base of each plant, which grow horizontally just below ground. As they grow, roots develop at the internodes to form new – but connected –grass plants. The fast establishment, and improved wear tolerance, recovery and pitch stability that BAR 7 RPR offers as a result is ideal for football, rugby and other sports surface applications. It’s without doubt one of our most exciting developments to date and we anticipate record demand for it.”

Last but by no means least, the Green by Design range brings together established innovations from the Barenbrug portfolio that provide solutions to the UK’s unique environmental and climatic challenges. For example, it’s popular and proven Rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF) deep-rooting mixtures, and shade-tolerant and low-input solutions, are now united under this new product range in the catalogue.

To order your free copy of the BAR Range 2012 sports and amenity grass seed catalogue call 01359 272000 or email info@baruk.co.uk. Alternatively visit www.barenbrug.co.uk, where you can also download a pdf copy

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